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Advantages of Snoods

Snoods are much prettier than wigs or sheital and provide much more attraction to the women than originally thought. With abundant choice in the types of snoods, women can dress up in an attractive manner within the limits to the satisfaction of the husband or family members. You need not consider it as an unnecessary impediment to your freedom and by wearing the a snood that suits your hair; you can present a homely appearance which will be to the astonishment of your family members.

Some women feel they are upholding their tradition by wearing a a snood, which gives them personal happiness. Sometimes by sticking to the age-old customs, you will not ruffle feathers of other members of the community. You can also be a role model for other women around you too.

Snoods not only provide cover to the hair, but also present a picture a modesty of women. While it is not mandatory, this makes it even more pertinent for women who believe their religion and custom.

Snoods protect the hair from dust particles accumulating and weather which may be difficult sometimes to bear. By covering your hair, you are not revealing your true hair, which is a pre-requisite of modesty. Moreover, the attractiveness of snoods is making women of other faiths also willing to use them as a fashion symbol, which is not being liked by orthodox Jewish people who are alarmed at the turn of events. You can find many non-Jewish women wearing snoods just for the sake of it without realizing why it was asked to be worn in the first place.

Leaving aside the difference in opinion on the wearing of snoods, they do give a facelift to the appearance of women, which is amazing. Initially when it was contemplated for use by women, it was thought that it will act as a barrier and prevent other than the husband from making lewd comments or gestures to married women. Snoods are supposed to present the woman wearing them as married and send the message that she is already engaged with someone and all others must keep sufficient distance from her. With the advertising departments of various businesses trying out different thoughts, use of snoods took a different dimension which is at variance with the original thought.

Snoods were not invented by Jewish people, but caught their attention later on, which made them look at it for their own custom and religion. You cannot disagree with the fact that many women of different religions use snoods over their heads and it is not he prerogative of the Jewish women only. This aspect makes the use of a snood different for different people and Jewish men and women cannot complain that something associated with their religion is being used with an altogether different purpose.

Snoods were meant for married women only for the simple reason to keep family values together and drive out the evil thoughts that may develop in other males, who may come in contact with women through the community or otherwise.

With the passage of time, more variations of snoods are developed for different women with the motive of making money. The number of choices available for a snood is staggering and sometimes causes consternation in older Jewish people who may feel offended, when people of other religion use them for personal benefit. These days, a snood is considered an ornamental piece that can be discarded at the time of your choice which is naturally not approved by orthodox Jewish people, who fear that non-believers are making inroads into their religion and making fun of it. It is not the case and hardliners must see reason that anything in use will undergo change over a period of time and there is no use of complaining, if others use it for their own good.

You can take a call on snoods individually and depends solely on your beliefs and determination. There is nothing wrong with wearing them and do not feel offended, even if others wear them in public.