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Advantages of Wearing Wigs

Human hair is fascinating and women's long flowing hair is an attraction that may lead to her modesty being outraged sometimes. To avoid this situation, married women are encouraged to cover their hair with wigs, which may deflect the attention that may be riveting on their physical attributes. It is only a feature to protect married women from falling victims to preying eyes rather than a strict measure to suppress women and their freedom.

Another thought why women wear wigs is to get privacy from all the onlookers. When women wear wigs, they are making a statement that barriers are being placed between her and others, usually males to protect their modesty. You can find mostly married women wearing wigs to send a message that she is unavailable and her natural beauty is a privilege to her husband only.

You can conceal your natural hair with wigs and show it to your truly loved ones when necessary. This give a chance to allow the ones you are keen to show off to see your natural hair and present them with natural hair, which may be sensual to a degree. Some orthodox Jewish women shave their heads before marriage and to avoid the embarrassment of a shaven head, they wear wigs in public so that bald head is not seen by any one. Even the wigs are covered with a cloth to send a message that it is not real and they are leaving no misconceptions in the minds of the viewers.

When it is not stipulated or forced into wearing a wig, then why are more women trying to wear wigs these days. We can assume that women feel more comfortable while in a wig and can deflect the ugly gazes of lewd men passing comments on them, which is truly irritating for any self righteous women.

Women when they wear wigs send a strong message that they are orthodox, conservative and god fearing. Most men tend to maintain a distance from such women wearing wigs, as they feel they cannot lure them into their fold and all their gestures will be futile. Wigs offer protection to women this way and they can save some blushes from the embarrassment caused by unruly men.

Wigs can be noticed by most and as such will not reveal the true beauty of women. They conceal the real beauty and stands as a barrier from others. It gives the opportunity to show your natural hair to only husbands and help them preserve their modesty quite efficiently without much effort. This notable advantage offered by wigs is being increasingly felt by women and hence are opting for wigs, even though it is not compulsory.

When you wear wigs, you are telling that you value your feminine virtue much and are brought up in family values that see reason in ancient culture. You need not ignore it just for the sake of it and if you feel it is convenient, you can utilize it by all means. After all any tradition must be steeped with reason and if you see reason, go for it wholeheartedly.

By wearing wigs, you are setting a demarcated line, which will be hard to resist crossing over. This allows private moments for you and you can cherish them with your heart. When it is forcefully enforced, most women will revolt and any tradition that has reason can be lapped up without hesitation.

The pressures of life and monetary considerations are making life miserable and people are losing their moral values quickly. You can resist the temptations by wearing wigs, which gives some added protection from the wicked pleasures and reminds you to renounce them for your own good. In a way, wigs are saviors from the hedonistic pleasures and you can protect your self from all pervading ill influences.