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You and Your Bald Head: Is There Hope in Medicine?

If there's one thing that men and women will rather not inherit, it's the baldness gene and for good reasons, too. Hair loss may not place your physical health at risk in any way but it can definitely jeopardize your mental health specifically where your self-confidence is concerned. Your only consolation may be that you are not alone in this predicament as men and women over the age of 35 have more risks to become just like you - balding on the head.

So, is there hope that you will ever have hair on your head again where it matters the most? The answer is a yes and a no. Yes, because there are many methods to put hair back on your head although not as much as you would probably like. No, because there is no cure for baldness, just temporary measures to ward it off.

Still, hope does springs eternal so here are a few proven and unproven methods to stop baldness from completely taking over your head. You must discuss your options with a doctor instead of second-guessing your hair and what remains of it.

Pills and Supplements

The most convenient, affordable and effective method for hair loss are the pills prescribed by doctors, of which the most common is finasteride and minoxidil in foam. Keep in mind, however, that progress can be slow and regrowth is possible but limited. The good news is that these medicines can significantly retard hair loss in over 85% of users and you may be one of the lucky ones.

Plus, there is also the matter of losing whatever hair you may have gained once these medicines are not consumed on a daily basis. Almost as soon as you stop taking finasteride and applying minoxidil, you hair progress vanishes and, within months, your bald head rears itself once again.

Transplants and Lasers

Hair transplants are, hands down, the most expensive hair loss treatment method at present. Your financial costs will mount with each transplant procedure, which involves removing strips of hair from the bushier parts of the head and then transplanting them into the sparser parts.

You will not end up looking like Fabio but you will have more hair, that's for sure. Now, if only you can divvy up more money and more downtime to undergo this procedure and you may just end up looking more suave with more hair.

If transplants are not right up your alley, then go for the laser treatments. Laser is only the third FDA-approved treatment for hair loss with good results, not to mention that you will not be spending thousands upon thousands for a single strand of hair.

Basically, a low-level laser is aimed at the hair follicles with the intention of stimulating their growth. In majority of patients, increased hair volume is seen but don't expect it to be like Fabio either.

If you are starting to think that medicine offers no hope, take comfort in the fact that great strides are being made toward a better understanding of hair loss and its solutions. For the meantime, you will want to save money for those hair transplants and lasers coupled with allocating a monthly allowance for the finasteride and minoxidil. That and start wearing a toupee or a wig while waiting for the hair to grow.