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Acceptance of Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a dominant gene that will not skip a generation unlike other less desirable genes. So, if your father's and mother's family have domed heads as far as you can remember and see on family reunions, then you are more likely to be bald as well. Yes, you can see it in the likes of Prince Charles and Price Williams, which is a small comfort.

Even when the gene is not present in your family, you may still be at risk for baldness due to other factors like stress, diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is rapid hair loss while extreme stress can lead to bald spots sooner than you can finish that book on stress management.

Tried Everything

You may have tried everything just to avoid baldness. Herbs, creams, laser, transplants, pills and lifestyle changes have had little to no effect and even if there was progress, it was usually temporary in nature.

Take, for example, pills like minoxidil and finasteride. These pills have been proven effective against hair loss but once you stop taking them, every single hair strand gained just falls off within months. Keep in mind that there are side effects to these pills, which you may have been unable to cope with and you just simply stopped. Or take the case of hair transplants. Unless you are a millionaire, these surgical procedures will take anybody down bankruptcy alley.

Try Acceptance

After the rollercoaster of emotions and expenses associated with finding a treatment for hair loss, you will be ready to just accept that baldness is a natural part of life for millions of men and women. Yes, many of these individuals live fulfilling lives despite the absence of their hair.

There will come a time when you will just stop caring about being bald and just go with the flow. Men can even just be done with the hair and shave their head bald! Well, of course, this is easier said than done so much so that you will need the support of others on your path to acceptance.

First, let go of societal expectations that say you must possess a Fabio-like mane of hair to be beautiful or handsome. You may look at pictures of men like Yul Brynner who are perceived as manly even without hair. Great examples of confident women with balding heads may be hard to find but you always have the fun, glamour and excitement of wearing variously styles of wigs.

Second, you have to find that one special person who will think highly of your personality even with your balding head. It may your spouse, your girlfriend or your best friend but the most important thing is that you have emotional support when the going gets, well, bald.

Third, you may even join a support group. Think of it as Alcoholic Anonymous but your addiction is to hair and everything that it represents.

Your self-confidence should not be determined by how much hair is on your head or how much muscle is on your body. If you feel handsome, likable and confident hair or no hair, then you are all of these things - and that does not cost a thing.