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Encouraging Your Hair to Regrow

It is very common to lose hair with age simply because of heredity or several other reasons. You may be getting a few bald spots on your head, but you must not get worried. You can easily regrow your lost hair. Many simple techniques can stop fall of hair and can help your hair grow back. Hair fall can be reversed with correct methods. The hair loss is not always a disease, but it can lead to a lot of distress. If your hair loss is premature, it may cause a great deal of emotional concern in many cases. Sometimes, it can even lead to a social detachment.

Change in lifestyle:

It is never late to begin to treat your falling hair. Better, you start earlier. It is necessary that you change your lifestyle to regrow hair. You must stop such activities that directly cause fall of hair. Quit taking alcohol and stop smoking. It is also important to take nutritious food and avoid consuming junk food. The hair loss can be stopped with proper treatment and care.

Once you begin to lose hair, you will feel that the hair is getting thinner. You will also detect a few small bald spots on your head. These spots will gradually expand to expose your entire head. It may be quite overwhelming to repair the hair loss and to regrow your hair.

Blood circulation:

If there are only one or two small bald spots, you can use more easy ways to start the regrowth of hair on these spot high-speed. You heredity can be the main factor in such a situation. There is and lack of blood circulation in those parts of your scalp. This lack of blood flow deprives the follicle cells in the hair roots of the essential nutrients necessary for the growth of hair. Eventually those areas starve for food and the growth of hair slowly ceases, as the cells become dead resulting loss of hair.


It is essential to improve the flow of blood in the scalp to grow the hair. The massaging of scalp is a simple and effective way. The massaging is done using a few essential oils that contain nutrients for growth of hair. There are some oils, such as rosemary oil, which works wonders. Other choices are henna or jojoba. The massaging with oils stimulates the roots of hair and they get the essential nutrients for regrowth of hair.


You can also brush the scalp with boar bristle brushes. It disperses the oil evenly in the pores on the scalp and opens out the blocked follicles that lead to fall of hair. Brushing stimulates the follicles and activates them in hair roots for hair growth.

Diet and Nutrition:

Keeping your body healthy will also keep your scalp in good condition. A Healthy scalp allows the follicles to regrow fresh hair regularly replacing the lost hair. You will have to change your food habits and follow a good diet plan supported with adequate and appropriate exercise.

Taking a healthy and nutritious diet can help diminish hair loss. Fish oil pills are very helpful as they contain Vitamin A and D. It helps improve the blood circulation. However, excess intake of vitamin A can have bad effects. Hair loss is an indicator of shortage of a few significant nutrients. Besides a healthy diet, you must take multivitamins and mineral supplements to compensate the deficiencies in the body to avoid hair loss. The essential minerals should include zinc, silica, selenium, biotin, Vitamin B complex, D and C. The best natural source of vitamin D is Sun. You must have a sun bath daily for 20 minutes to regrow your hair. Avoid oily and fried food that weakens the immune system and retards growth of your hair.

Drinking Water:

You should drink plenty of water to stop hair fall. Water helps remove toxins from your body. These toxins are also a major reason of hair loss. Caffeine leads to dehydration of hair roots and can cause losing hair. You must reduce consumption of coffee.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. The hot water opens the pores in the scalp too much and can make hair more likely to fall off. You must use only warm water while shampooing the hair and then wash your hair with cold water. This can assist in closing the pores and make your hair regrow.

Sleep, Stress and Anxiety:

You must have sufficient sleep at night for better health of body and hair as well. Sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate and recover. It also flushes out toxins from the body. Proper sleep and reducing your stress and anxiety will also prevent hair loss. With less stress, you can regrow healthy hair.

Trusted Products:

There is a large number hair loss treatments marketed today. However, simple and natural methods are proven to be most effective to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

It is always important to use only trusted products for your hair. Using scented shampoo or oil will only harm your hair. It is crucial that you use only reliable hair care products of renowned manufacturers to prevent hair fall. Shampoos and hair styling products contain harsh components that may ruin your hair. You must use natural treatments that integrate essential oils and plenty of herbs or herbal remedies that will help regrowth of your hair without causing any side effects unlike pharmaceutical products that comprise of harmful chemicals.

Holistic Therapies:

There are a few Holistic Therapies offered as the natural remedies to treat hair conditions. A healthy scalp can grow 2.5 cms. of hair every 2.5 months. The growth takes place in three stages. The Antigen stage lasts from two to six years. This is the phase of growth when 85 per cent of hair grows and stays. For growth and retention, this Anlagen phase must be increased. Consuming of plenty of walnuts is recommended during this stage. The Anlagen phase is also the longest phase.

The hair fall cannot last forever. If you take proper care of your health, you can eliminate hair loss and can also make your hair grow again.