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Things You Can Do to Prevent Baldness Sans the Money

Hair loss - it is a problem that men and women alike must face at some point in their lives, many earlier than the others because of hereditary male pattern baldness. But it is not only your genes that adversely affect how well your head can hold onto its hair. Other factors in baldness include extreme physical and emotional stress, abuse of hairstyling products and devices, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

These factors in hair loss must be emphasized because these will form the starting point for adopting the steps to prevent baldness sans the money involved with the medical methods. Just imagine the thousands of dollars spent on hair transplants, laser combs and medications when you have the power, so to speak, to adopt the following healthy lifestyle choices to delay, maybe even prevent, the onset of baldness.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet helps in keeping your hair healthy and, thus, minimizing hair loss. This is because the right kinds of healthy foods eaten in the right quantities provide for a stable and steady supply of nutrients into the body and into the scalp.

Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals, fatty fishes and lean meats as well as dairy products like eggs, cheese and yogurt. You will need all the vitamins A, B complex, C and D as well as biotin, zinc and iodine your diet can provide to ward off baldness. You may even throw in supplements for good measure.

Herbal Formulations

Your hair and scalp also deserves pampering from Mother Nature's healing hands with help from the herbs. Your choices in these herbs are many although it is not recommended to use all of them at once lest your hair go into overdose mode and fall off from your scalp.


* Thistle

* Lavender

* Garlic

* Aloe vera

* Saw palmetto


Some of these are directly applied to the scalp as creams and gels while others come in the form of herbal supplements.

Gentle Use of Hairstyling Products

Women tend to use more products and apply more procedures on their hair and scalp. For example, women will dye or bleach, straighten or curl, just do about anything to keep their hair lustrous, glamorous and attractive. In the process, your hair is stripped of its essential components that keep it glued, no thanks to the chemicals used, to your scalp.

Thus, to avoid hair loss, go easy on the use of chemicals and application of procedures to your hair that only serves to weaken it. For example, dyeing your hair blond and then brunette in the space of a month will cause it to become stressed so much so that falling out is easier. Let your hair down naturally for a while.

You must also stop the stressful procedures like tugging and pulling on the hair while putting it up in various hairstyles. You can also stop using the blow dryers, the flat irons and the curling irons on your hair as these electrical appliances place too much heat on the fragile strands of hair.

In the end, what you do to your hair will reflect on its quantity. Treat your hair well and it will stay by your side as well.