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Seeking Support for Your Bald Condition

So, you are bald in many places on your head. You have tried just about everything that Mother Nature and Modern Science have to offer as treatment for hair loss from herbs to hair transplants and yet nothing seems to be succeeding on the regrowth front. Well, cope with your baldness like a proud man or woman willing to embrace the fact that not every battle can be won in this life.

Your ability to cope with baldness can mean the difference between enjoying a fulfilling life without Samson-like hair and hiding inside the house afraid of being noticed for your head sans the hair in many places. You can start coping with the knowledge that you are not alone in your frustration with hair, or the lack thereof, since millions in the past and present and millions more in the future will wrestle with your rollercoaster relationship with hair.

Learn All You Can

Many people blame themselves for their balding condition. In many ways, the blame can be justified especially when you have been careless with your hair like applying chemicals, putting heat and pulling it every which way. Or you may have been leading an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by a poor diet, a stressful life and other things that literally make your hair fall out.

But there are things that you simply cannot control, which leads to baldness. We are referring to chemotherapy treatments for cancer and male pattern baldness, both of which inevitably lead to hair loss. You often have no choice but to accept that this is the reality of life.

When you learn all you can about the causes for your hair loss, you are better able to understand and accept your hair's condition. You can accept the blame when there is blame to be passed around in the same way that you can take the steps to accept your heredity.

Seek Support

While you are in the process of removing the stigma that comes with being bald, you must also look to others for emotional support. Your family and friends are great sources for a support system since their main concern is for your health, not for your looks.

During the first few days in your path toward acceptance, you will want to avoid people who have a narrow view of hair loss. You want to prevent others from saying hurtful words that can set back your efforts toward self-acceptance. This is not to say that you should be hiding but if you can minimize contact with such people, the better for yourself.

Then, when you are ready to face criticism and the like, you can enjoy life as if you have a full head of hair. In fact, many men have reported more satisfaction with life once they have shed their preoccupation - some say obsession - with hair and everything that it represents in fertility, virility and beauty. It is also best to join a support group. You will be surprised at how empathy goes a long way toward self-acceptance and then self-confidence.

In the end, you must not hide your balding head. You can take your cue from sexy men with balding hair like Sean Connery and Samuel Jackson who project self-confidence, hair or no hair.