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Difference between Wigs Available Now and Earlier Times

The practice of wearing wigs by Jewish women is not universal and not encouraged at all times, by all the reverend preachers. Some Rabbis are of the opinion that modern day wigs which simulate natural hair and wearing them do not serve the purpose of wearing them in the first place. They feel modern day wigs due to innovative production practices, reveal the hair and make women more attractive than ever before. They feel it is a definite transgression of women's modesty and hence it is forbidden. The very purpose of wearing wigs is defeated by wearing modern wigs. They make a clear distinction between the wigs available now and the ones that are available a century back. The wigs used in the earlier century are unattractive and certainly doesn't provide a chance to pass obscene remarks by the onlookers. Modern day wigs are far more attractive than natural hair, instead of protecting women, leads them to more discomforting situations.