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The importance of modesty amongst women

Modesty was initially thought to convey moderation or living within the means, but later on the very word of modesty took on a different meaning altogether. When it was originally used, there was no mention of hard feeling or something that is wrong associated with the word. We have to look back at history and understand how modesty has changed over the years with different cultures.

You can find many primitive tribes not embarrassed to walk naked including females, which was testified by many researchers. On the contrary, some of these tribes were more embarrassed to see someone observing them while taking food and many more such traits associated with each tribe. In those days, there was no clothing and modesty had a meaning which is not the one that we talk about these days. In essence, we can say modesty is a more a function of the society and the then prevailing conditions.

Change In Modesty Meaning Over the Years: In the earlier years, both men and women started out as equals and down the line, men started asserting forcefully and began dominating women. The beginning of male superiority made modesty take a different meaning and women were forced to show modesty in the face of rising demands from men. It has come to such a pass, that women are now measured solely on the basis of their modest behavior.

True, the influence of various people, media and culture has a bearing in the way women began dressing in public. Gone were the days, when skin and the inner female parts were out of reach of public eye. Mass advertisement and crass commercialization of business interests had made women's body a much needed selling point, which may not be totally in tune with the needs of the business.

Peer pressures have made more women willing to adopt more modern dressing revealing all, without any inhibitions. Even when the body is bared, the sexual assaults and insults heaped on women these days have never lessened. Instead some argue that the attacks are more due to improper and indecent dressing.

The important point every one is missing is in the earlier years, women were given equal importance and were not exploited much compared to the present day scenario. The lure of money and the fame associated with revealing everything is driving women to bare all. This is due to children being brought up in conditions that are not ideal and thought provoking. We are seeing more violent behavior from children, as there is no calming influence on them at home. However hard men try to prevail at home, ultimately women and mothers are more likely to have a lasting impression on the minds of children. This begs the point that women must be more proactive at home for the sake of children. Once a congenial and harmonious atmosphere is created at home, you can instill some ideals and good thoughts into children, who can then be molded into great citizens.

It is easy to blame women for lack of modesty, but we have to take the pressures endured by them from friends, financial position and culture. It is easy to preach something, but difficult to practice. When we look at prostitutes, many are forced into it due to monetary considerations and not many are practicing it voluntarily. Economic factors are also important in deciding why women are being less modest than previously.

The importance given to only money is turning many women to be immodest. People are being brought up with the sole aim of making money by any means, which is an important factor to be considered while terming them less modest.

The lure of money and lack of family values are driving people nuts and the economic recession is a good lesson to start from scratch with the right thoughts. More and more people are turning to family for help in these financially troubled times and more often than not, women are the saviors. It is now being increasingly accepted that women are the fulcrum in the family around which the entire family revolves, either in the right or wrong direction.