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Importance of Modesty

Modesty in women can never be understated as men will be always lustful and it is the responsibility of women to protect themselves. Women by virtue of displaying great character can stamp their class and prominence. Women must be forthcoming in what they want and never fall victim to lures of life.

Modesty now is being touted as suppressing sexual urge in women, which is a false theory. It is our responsibility to satisfy our natural urge and concealing or depriving it will lead to complications. Instead a satisfaction of the natural urge in the normal way will provide women to be more modest than ever.

Women being frail and timid are more likely to face questions on modesty than men. There is no use of show of skin or private parts, when you can show your true identity and character more resourcefully. Women can be truly magnificent by showing inner resolve and attitude that can take on any hostility.

Women by being modest are truly saving the future generations from ruin, as they are more likely to be role models than men at home. When we talk to any successful man, you can find a woman behind their success, who can be their mother or wife. When such facts are there, there is no need for any woman to be immodest. Women need not underestimate their strength and the way they conduct themselves properly will be a true gift to the family.

When women have an easy way to show their identity by showing great character, it is useless to show off or being flashy, which only brings further hardship. Women are true harbingers of hope to the society by their modesty and they should not throw it away meaninglessly. When they have an inbuilt facility to lead, it is foolish to neglect it for something that is totally unnecessary.