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Cutting Down the Choices in a Custom Wig

Arguably, the standard wigs sold in stores and sites are of good quality.  You can find every cut, color and style available that will fit just about every person looking for the perfect wig.  But you may want a custom wig such that even the most expensive hairpiece on the market will not suffice for your own purposes.


As their name implies, custom wigs are personalized hairpieces that the client specifically ordered for the purpose.  Your purposes may include any of the following:

You are a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy for which you are losing hair by the handful.  The standard wigs available in the market do not suit your preferences in comfort, construction and color, thus, your decision to have a personalized wig.  You may not even like wearing other people's hair so you arrange for your own hair to be cut in advance of the chemotherapy treatments and then made into a wig.

You are suffering from alopecia and other falling hair conditions that result to a balding head.  The wigs on the market are either too tight or too loose for your own head size and shape, not to mention in styles that are not your own.  A customized wig solves the problem.

You want a special wig for occasions like Halloween parties, costume contests and cosplay conventions.  Wigs for these venues usually come in colors, cuts and styles that are not found in typical stores selling wigs for the beauty industry.  For example, wigs for anime characters and movies are often custom-made.


Aside from the obvious benefits of the custom-made wigs answering the specific needs of the wearer, as outlined above, there are other merits.  For one thing, you are assured that the wig will be securely attached to your head since it is a perfect fit.  Your head will be measured on many points such that the wig will be snug but still be comfortable, which means that breezy and windy days as well as strenuous physical activity will not be your Waterloo.

For another thing, you can make your own designs instead of just going with whatever is available.  This is especially handy when you simply must have an out-of-this-world wig that will make others notice in whatever way you intended.

For example, as part of your costume, your hair will look like a multi-colored rainbow complete with glitters, sparkles and stars.  Your family and friends will have varied reactions, sure, but it will definitely not be "Ho-hum, that's boring".

Plus, customized hair usually lasts longer.  At the very least, the manufacturer will take great care to ensure the wig's durability considering that it has been specifically ordered and the price is on the expensive side.


You will want to take good care of customized wigs for many reasons, too.  You want to extend the life of the wig and, thus, get more value for your money.  Think of it as mileage on your car.  Care tips include using the right wig accessories like combs and brushes on the hairpiece since the regular combs can damage the hair strands.

Indeed, a custom wig is great investment for your beauty, confidence and personal life.  It may be on the expensive side but it's worth the price.