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Hair Replacement the Easy, Affordable and Fun Way with a Human Wig

For many individuals who suffer from hair loss especially those brought by females and male pattern baldness, hair replacement therapies often seem the best resort for regaining the full glory of their full head of hair.  Topical applications like creams, ointments and shampoos as well as surgical methods like transplants will be applied on the head with many not being very effective at the job.  Well, why suffer through the hassles, the pain and the costs of these hair replacement methods when the benefits of a human wig are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Reasons to Love

Let's start with the benefits of a wig, be it of the synthetic or the real hair kind of hairpiece.  First, you need not spend time on slathering the creams, lotions and shampoo on your hair every day for the next 6 months just to see a degree of improvement on your head.  With a wig, just place it on your head and voila!  A full head of hair is now yours to boast around town.

Second, you can save the money on the topical applications and transplant procedures.  Although you may think that these are cost-effective than wigs, keep in mind that the costs involved will be higher in the long run.  Topical applications require at least 6 months of applications before results can be seen with hair growth stopping almost as soon as you stop applying the substances, too.  Transplant procedures are very expensive, to say the least, with little assurance of long-term efficacy.

Third, you will be spared the physical pain.  Although topical applications are painless, transplant procedures are not.  Now, contrast that with wigs where no pain is involved in growing hair because you simply place on the wig and you are done.

And of course, wigs allow the wearer to have fun.  You can change your hairstyles from one day to the next.  Short and curly today? Of course.  Long and luscious tomorrow? Yes, just do it.

Right Way to Choose

Not all wigs are created equal, to cite an oft-repeated adage.  You have to choose the best one that will suit your personal needs.  The following tips should help in this regard:

    * Ensure that the wig is of the right fit. For custom-made wigs, this should be easy since your head will be measured at various points to ensure that the wig will stay in place with the help of pins and sticky tape.

    * Look at the hair strands used. Synthetic hair also appears natural but human hair is the best when it comes to a truly natural-looking wig. Plus, human hair wigs can be treated in a similar fashion as the hair on your head. You can apply the hot iron and blow dryer on it without fear of the hairs melting from the heat, which is untrue of synthetic hair wigs.

    * Determine its breathability and wearability factors. You may have to try out the wig in a store. Or if you are buying online, read the reviews concerning these aspects of a good wig.

When you have chosen the right human wig, you will realize that the topical applications and transplant procedures are good but wigs are the best form of hair replacement therapy, in a manner of speaking.