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Worried About the Cost of a Chemotherapy-Related Man Wig? Think Insurance

Let's face it.  If you have to worry about the cost of a man wig, which can run up to a thousand dollars for the custom-made ones, in addition to worrying about the cost of your chemotherapy treatments and other cancer-related matters, then you will choose to just go bald.  Then again, who wants to go bald when there is a valid recourse to saving on the costs of a wig?

Ask Your Insurance Provider

Yes, we are talking about your health insurance that can be applied on the purchase of a wig.  You may have to exert time and effort toward making your insurance provider pay for part or the entire purchase price but the dollars you will be saving will be one less burden on your shoulders.

But first, you have to ask your insurance provider about the documentary requirements necessary for wig coverage, if it is applicable.  Your questions should also include the ceiling amount and percentage for coverage as well as the terminology necessary.  It must be noted that "wig" is not acceptable in the insurance industry.

Instead, your insurance provider will prefer words like "hair prosthesis" and "cranial prosthesis" for coverage.  This is because wigs are generally used for cosmetic purposes and, thus, cannot be covered by insurance.  But since prosthetic devices are covered, the expenses for the wigs can be justified.

Ask for the Prescription

The next step is to ask for a prescription from your doctor with the guidelines of the insurance company in mind.  Most doctors are aware of such arrangements so it should be an easy task.  You may even be referred to a wig company that manufactures wigs for cancer patients, thus, ensuring that your wig will adhere to medical standards.

Ask for Help

Of course, your doctor will be unable to provide advice on the length, cut and color of the wig since a hair expert is the best resource person for the purpose.  We can, nonetheless, recommend going for a wig made from real human hair as it looks and feels more natural, both on your head and in the eyes of others.

When in the wig shop, you should also ask for help from the professionals in two ways.  First, ask for assistance in completing the paperwork, when necessary.  You have to maintain a paper trail of the wig transaction - doctor's prescription, sales receipt, completed insurance form, and correspondence with the insurance company - of which the wig shop is an important part. Many shops even have insurance professionals who can provide tips, advice and resources on navigating the insurance industry where the hair industry is concerned.

Indeed, being a cancer patient is a difficult journey to make.  If anything can be done to lessen your burdens in the financial sense even in the cost of the man wig, then you should grab it.  You will then be able to enjoy a social life with a full head of hair even when chemotherapy treatments are going on and that is something to look forward to.