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Cannot Say "No" to Noriko Wig

Wigs are increasingly becoming an important part of a modern woman's lifestyle. These full hairpieces allow women to change their looks in an instant, say, from brunette to blonde to redhead, such that every day means a new persona can emerge from the same individual.  And since we are on the subject of wigs galore, we must say that no woman can resist the allure of a Noriko wig in all its full, radiant and lifelike glory.

A History of Wigs

With its headquarters in Tokyo, Rene of Paris is the manufacturer of the world-famous Noriko style of wigs.  With the Japanese probably crazier about wigs than the rest of the world, it does not come as a surprise that Noriko wigs come from this metropolitan city.  Tokyo, after all, is the birthplace of anime, manga and subcultures with great affinity for fantastical hairstyles.

The company was established in 1975 and subsequently acquired by the Aderans Corporation in 1989.  Sin e its inception, Rene of Paris has become an important component of one of the world's largest business group in the hair industry.  Consumers are assured of high quality wigs from its Noriko line as well as from the High fashion Collection and the Amore Designer Series.

A Line of Excellent Wigs

According to the company website, the Noriko wigs are manufactured so as to appear natural when viewed from any direction.  This is achieved through the use of real and high-quality synthetic hair, Gradient and Hybrant Root colors for a natural look, and trendy hairstyles.  You will definitely know that others see your wig as natural hair when being complimented for it.  Actually, you will compliment your own hair, er, wig when looking at the mirror to admire your handiwork.

The best thing about the Noriko line of wigs is that you have so many choices in colors, styles and lengths to choose from.  It's like being let loose in a candy shop as a child except that now you are let loose in a wig shop with all these wigs to make you look beautiful, glamorous and desirable.

You can change your hairstyle and, thus, your look every day if you want to with Noriko wigs.  Just apply on the right makeup, wear the right colored contact lenses and put on the right clothes and voila!  You have now changed your look to be completely different, say, from vixen in the bedroom to femme fatale in the boardroom, all within the space of 24 hours.

Just to name a few of the Noriko wigs available, you can choose from among the following:

    * Kate - Geometric bob with razor-finished arched ends with colors like Strawberry Swirl, Butter Pecan and Garnet Glaze.

    * Brooke - Short and sporty hairstyle with graduated bangs, which comes in various colors like Maple Sugar, Ginger Brown and Java Frost.

    * Shiloh - Long, luscious and soft lengths of hair with delicious colors like Vanilla Lust, Chocolate Swirl and Cappuccino.

Indeed, with these styles and colors, you cannot say no to a Noriko wig even when you have a full head of hair.  After all, who can resist the call of changing your hair in an instant?