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Real Life Facts About a Real Hair Wig

Wigs are personal accessories that take the place of real hair for many reasons.  You may be suffering from hair loss brought by alopecia, chemotherapy and other medical conditions.  You may just want to change your hairstyle from one day to the next.  Whatever the reason, we highly recommend going for a real hair wig.

But first, you have to know a few facts about wigs made from real hair.  At the very least, you can become an informed consumer instead of one blindly following the trends.

Wig Source

We must emphasize that when we say a wig is made from real hair, we mean that human hair is used for the purpose.  Modern science has yet to find ways to make animal hair look and feel like human hair, not to mention make it as comfortable as the real McCoy.

Most hair used for wigs come from European hair although Asian and Indian hair are also used.  European hair is finer than Asian hair but durability is an issue with the former while Indian hair usually just comes in limited colors.  You should discuss the pros and cons of each type of hair with the wig seller so as to get the best kind.

Wig Benefits

As can be expected, wigs made from real hair look and feel natural than their synthetic counterparts.  You can also treat real hair wigs in a similar manner as your real hair in the sense that you can restyle them using curling irons, blow dryers and hot rollers.  Your wig will be just as great, if not better, than your own natural hair.

In contrast, synthetic hair cannot be restyled using any kind of heat-generating hair styling equipment since it will melt.  Plus, it is also easier to maintain, dries faster after washing and cheaper than the real hair wigs.

Then again, you must be willing to pay the higher price for a wig made from real hair.  The compliments coming your way will be well worth the additional dollars.

Wig Attachment

Wigs made from real and synthetic hair share a commonality in terms of the manner by which these hairpieces are attached to the head.  You may have to ask for assistance on the first time of putting on the wig as well as practice for a few times before you will get the hang of it.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that the wig appears to be part of the head instead of being a removable component.

If you still have natural hair, you can either use special clips to attach the wig into place or use a skull cap over which the wig will be placed over.  Now, if your hair is non-existent or it is so wispy as to be absent, you have double-sided sticky tape to hold the wig in place.

When taken cared of properly, a real hair wig can be your ally in being handsome despite a balding head for whatever reason or in changing your looks at will.  So, get your wig today and bask in your crowning glory.