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Ordering Custom Hairpieces from a Wig Outlet

Wigs are popular hairpieces that can be purchased from many stores and sites dedicated to these personal accessories.  The choices in a wig outlet are usually of the standard variety in the sense that the sizes, styles and colors can fit just about everybody who wants wigs on their heads for any reason.  But there are cases when seven the best wig stores and sites do not carry the perfect wig for your needs.

In this case, you should order custom wigs.  The resulting product should fit so perfectly on your head that it will look real to others, not to mention that there is very little possibility that it will fall off at the slightest breeze.  You definitely want to appear beautiful - or handsome, as the case may be - from the start to the finish of wearing the wig.

What to Order

First and foremost, your head will be measured in three important points - around the head for the circumference, from ear to ear, and from the hairline to the nape of the neck.  The purpose is to ensure that the resulting wig will perfectly fit unto the head, all other things like oil on the scalp being equal.

Then, you will choose the style of the wig.  You may opt for long or short lengths as well as straight or curly styles.  Your choice will be respected even if it appears too absurd, too scary and just plain too weird because the client is always right. Besides, you will be sporting the wig on your head and that changes things in many ways.

You can also choose the colors of the wig.  From the lightest blonde and whitest white to the blackest midnight and reddest red, you can order wigs from manufacturers.  Your wig can even sport gradations of color that mimic natural hair or it can resemble alien hair.

What to Expect

Once the measurements have been taken and the style of the wig has been chosen, the next step is to pay for the wig.  The price will depend on many factors including the following:

    * Type of Hair Used - You can have either the real human hair or the synthetic hair, the former of which is more expensive than the latter.

    * Length - The general rule is that the longer the length, the more expensive for obvious reasons.

    * Style - In most cases, curly and straight hair wigs are priced just about the same since the treatments are also similar.

    * Color - When hair is treated to many processes before being considered as a finished product, the final price will also be higher.

We must warn prospective consumers that custom wigs are more expensive than the standard types.  Costs can start at $1000 per wig.  The good news is that some insurance companies will shoulder part of the cost depending on the circumstances surrounding the purchase.

You will wait for 6 to 8 weeks before the wig is finished and delivered to your home.  You will also want the wig outlet to provide satisfactory guarantee terms just in case the wig becomes damaged through no fault of your own.